South Korea's Moon demands official apology from Japan over 'comfort women'

South Korean Presidency has reacted strongly to a suggestion by a US journalist that South Korea's leader needed the permission of the US President to engage in talks with North Korea.

"Based on what I've been briefed after taking office, the original agreement between South Korea and the USA was to deploy one missile (launcher) by the end of this year and the remaining five (launchers) next year." 5, .

The four launchers in question were supposed to be added to two launchers already in place, which had been "accounted for" by the South Korean authorities.

Under the original agreement, one mobile launcher was scheduled to be installed by the end of this year, with five others set to be deployed in 2018.

The North's missile tests present a hard challenge to Moon, a liberal who took office in May and has expressed a desire to reach out to Pyongyang.

The resolution also called for the two countries to work together to "fully and effectively enforce existing sanctions (on North Korea) and consider the need to take immediate action to pass additional and meaningful new measures".

U.S. troops in South Korea began the the installation the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, formerly known as Theater High Altitude Area Defense) a day after the North Korean regime celebrated the 85 anniversary since the founding of its military with massive live-fire drills with conventional weapons.

Ahead of the vote, the United States had already installed a pair of the launchers, which Moon complained was an attempt to get the system in under the lame duck government before his election. Still, Moon said the temporary suspension of the deployment did not mean any change in his country's decision to host the USA missile shield, which is aimed at protecting some 28,000 us troops stationed here, along with the country itself.

From time to time, it was raining in the capital city, but the protestors marched scores of meters to the US embassy in South Korea to surround it in protest against the hurried push for the USA weapons deployment.

During the two-day meeting, the two leaders were widely expected to discuss the THAAD deployment.

"China provides the most economic assistance to North Korea".

This is seen as an unwelcome delay by USA officials, though in reality Moon's government is likely looking to see if they can get out of the scheme entirely, as they've expressed discomfort at hosting the United States system, which is not only seen as a hostile action toward North Korea, but against China as well.

  • Rosalie Stanley