The US Senate voted to toughen sanctions against Russian Federation

Then it will be brought before US President Donald Trump, who will have to either sign or vetoit.

Corker, too, sounded pleased that the bill effectively ties a president's hands when it comes to unwinding certain sanctions on Russian Federation.

A frequently polarized Senate found common ground Thursday as Republicans and Democrats joined forces to approve a sweeping sanctions bill that punishes longtime adversaries Iran and Russian Federation with an array of financial penalties.

Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting in Moscow.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson questioned the legislation on Wednesday, urging Congress to ensure that any sanctions package "allows the president to have the flexibility to adjust sanctions to meet the needs of what is always an evolving diplomatic situation". Rand Paul (R -KY) and Bernie Sanders (I - VT).

That's a realistic threat, despite confidence from Israeli lobbyists that it would not, as the bill was largely an attempt to sneak sanctions the USA was obliged to lift from Iran as part of the nuclear deal back in as part of punishing Iran for "non-nuclear" actions, and those leading the charge were opponents of the P5+1 deal in the first place.

"Iran's ballistic missile program, the regime's support for worldwide terrorism, and its blatant and egregious human rights violations should not be ignored", the group's associate executive director for policy, Jason Isaacson, said in a statement. News reports the sanctions target Russian individuals who give weapons to the Assad regime, violate human rights, or are involved in the defense and intelligence industries.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had encouraged the Senate to hold off on more sanctions, saying that he'd like more time to try and work diplomacy with Russian Federation. "This amendment makes clear that we will not continue to tolerate such actions". "If we can not make some progress, and I have told others in the Senate, I have had conversations with them, I may very well be coming to you and saying the time has come now to do this in order to motivate some movement on their part".

"Today marks a significant shift of power back to the American people's representatives, something that has been a top priority of mine since becoming the lead Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee more than four years ago".

"Today the Senate has finally confronted Russian Federation for interfering in our elections".

The passage of the legislation comes as congressional committees and a special counsel are investigating the nature of any potential links and contacts between Trump associates and the Kremlin.

"But I believe that these new sanctions could endanger the very important nuclear agreement that was signed between the United States, its partners and Iran in 2015", Sanders added. Mike Crapo (R-Id.) on the floor of the Senate on June 13, aside from codifying existing sanctions, the amendment also attacks Russian economic activities in gas and oil production, railway, shipping and metals and mining.

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