Warriors wary of LeBron as Cavs arrive for Finals

Not only was Curry not the best player on his team against the Cavs-that honor belonged to Draymond Green-but he wasn't even the top point guard in the series.

Both teams entered Thursday's game with more than a week of rest. Many people on the internet will call them losers, chokers or frauds. They're going to want to do what's best for me, I'm going to want to do what's best for them. Kerr is still trying to determine if his back is healthy enough to return to the bench. Helping LeBron deliver the city of Cleveland its first championship in 52 years. You are talking one of the best players in the game. For Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert, it was a Bulls-Magic playoff series in 1995, when one of his boyhood heroes (Horace Grant) eliminated another (Michael Jordan). His play in the first rounds suggests it should be his best finals yet.

Golden State has looked stronger than ever this postseason, having recorded consecutive four-game sweeps over the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs, becoming the first team in National Basketball Association history to reach the Finals with a 12-0 record. The Heat were a good team too, though. And though Golden State looks better and hungrier this year, the Cavs boast the one reason to think they could find a way again this year.

As risky a scorer as he is from outside or driving to the hoop, James also threatens by being able to find teammates such as Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love with passes when defenders focus too much on him. He is fun to watch.

"Goal is to win a championship".

Fortunately for the Cavaliers they are getting solid play from Kevin Love, who could be a difference maker. Steph Curry is very exciting. While they'll be focused on defending their National Basketball Association championship, they enter the Finals as underdogs. There were a lot of nights when I got texts or saw tweets that would tell me to turn on the Warriors game immediately, and usually Curry was making shots from 25-50 feet away. There seemed to be fewer nights this year when I felt like I had to turn on the Warriors immediately.

With the Warriors playing at such a high level and with the talent they have, it is hard to give the Cavs a chance.

The Warriors are 12-0 in these playoffs and 10-0 since Brown took the reins.

"I heard Kevin Durant say something like this the other day. I wouldn't do my teammates any good if I wasn't just enjoying the moment". He actually looked exhausted, which is the furthest thing you'd expect from someone we basically view as a superhuman basketball playing machine at this point. For that reason I've decided to make a handy guide for all those out there who think Michael Jordan was the King of Pop and Kobe is just a type of beef to assist in your enjoyment of the next four to seven games.

In many statistical categories, this year's team was superior to the record 73-win club.

The victor will deserve lots of credit, but more people will probably talk about the loser.

Curry and Durant aren't scoring as much as they used to, but playing among so many All-Stars has allowed them to be incredibly efficient. If the Cavs lose, people will make fun of LeBron's career record in the Finals. Both these teams come in with high-powered offenses.

  • Rosalie Stanley