BioWare Denies Andromeda Rumors - There Will Be No DLC

When asked by a user on Facebook for SOURCE of the information, Sinclair Networks stated that Bioware contacted them to work on DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda because they were going through downsizing.

According to a new report on internet Bioware has scrapped Story DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda.

In April, as we reported, BioWare scaled down its Montreal studio, whose staff had developed Mass Effect: Andromeda with help from BioWare's other studios in Edmonton and Austin. While it's nearly traditional to see post-release content launched for Mass Effect games, it appears that Andromeda is going to break the cycle.

While reporting that news, I had been pretty sure that Mass Effect: Andromeda wouldn't be getting single-player DLC.

This news isn't surprising now, as horror story after horror story has emerged about Andromeda's development cycle, but it does mark a first for the series.

The latest on the situation sourced by various media outlets is that there are still people working from BioWare Montreal on multiplayer support and patches for Mass Effect Andromeda.

The site spoke with three people familiar with BioWare's plans, but the studio has not released any official statements.

Majority of the employees there were distributed to other projects following the "chilly reception" for "Mass Effect: Andromeda", as Schreier put it. "While we can't talk about future yet, I can def say we build our own DLC/patches for our games and don't hire fake companies to do so", producer Fernando Melo said on Twitter.

Electronic Arts and BioWare even look like they have moved on from Mass Effect, especially with the amount of hype that it is pushing for the upcoming Anthem.

  • Joe Gonzales