Captain Marvel: Feige Reveals Kree/Skrull War Influences

Captain Marvel is in theaters March 9, 2019.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also revealed that Captain Marvel will be set in the early '90s, before the Avengers band together. A Security Chief in the United States air force, Danvers would later be transformed into the superhero Ms. Marvel following an explosion involving Kree technology. "Almost anything else is a spoiler other than to say that the '90s would be a fun period to make a superhero movie in".

Earlier in Hall H saw Marvel Studios reveal brand new concept art for theCaptain Marvel movie as well as the villains and the timeline of the film.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has confirmed that Captain Marvel will indeed feature the Kree-Skrull War from the comics. At San Diego Comic-Con, the company announced that it'll take place in the 1990s, and Captain Marvel will be facing off against a classic foe: Skrulls. However, Fury will have both eyes and no eyepatch, since the film is set before the time where he suffers his eye injury in the MCU. Based on Saturday's concept art, it looks like they'll be green and kind of orc-like.

The Skrulls are a nefarious shape-shifting alien species that were first created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Fantastic Four #2. Second, we learned something of a bombshell: the film will be a prequel, set long before the events of the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Or did something happen to Captain Marvel? The story saw the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, and the Avengers defending the Earth as it was almost drawn into the long-ongoing war between the Skrull and Kree Empires. It seems that Marvel and Fox have engaged in a bit of back and forth behind the scenes though, which has ended up with the Skrulls entering the MCU.

  • Marlene Weaver