DOOM nets big 6.66 update, goes free to play for the weekend

But the big news is that all the multiplayer DLC is now unlocked, as the season pass has officially been eliminated.

With Update 6.66, players will be able to access all three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine maps, three additional guns, three additional playable demons, new equipment, armor sets and more! Other new features in the update include new enhanced kill notifications, a new rune system, and the option for players to reset their progression to experience the new system with a fresh start.

Version 6.66 of Doom also gets rid of the RNG system in multiplayer and players will instead have to complete challenges and meet leveling requirements in order to unlock new gear. Runes, however, are persistent abilities that can be included within your load-out, helping you tailor it specifically to your preferred play-style.

There's also the matter of players only getting to try the first two levels of the game's main campaign during the weekend, so there's that to consider.

The new multiplayer Runes system, meanwhile, functions much like the one in Doom's single-player campaign.

The free weekend also extends to PC and PS4, even though the timing varies slightly.

Yes, the multiplayer DLC is now bundled into the core DOOM game for free, producing the definitive DOOM experience. As the lone DOOM Marine, you've been activated to do one thing - kill them all.

The main highlight of update 6.66 is the revised multiplayer progressions system, which now makes it easier to work towards specific items you want.

If you've played multiplayer since DOOM's release, you'll receive a special badge indicating your veteran status.

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We've also overhauled most of the in-game HUD, including better callouts for challenges, awards and scoring.

The old players will not have to panic if they see that their levels have been reset to zero because that was on objective. This will begin at 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, July 20, on Xbox One, 1 pm ET on Thursday, July 20 on PC, and 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, July 27 on PlayStation 4.

If you've yet to pick up id's new explosively gritty, demon-smashing, skull-crushing, rip-and-tear shooter DOOM, then Bethesda is making it worth your while. If you dig the game you can purchase it at its new price of $15.00.

  • Fernando Stephens