Facebook Messenger ads are coming

In the following weeks, you may see ads in your Facebook Messenger as the company is extending beta test of home screen Messenger ads worldwide.

"Messenger is dedicated to building new and creative ways to help businesses and developers connect with the more than 1.2 billion people around the world who use the platform every month".

Other than traditional ads that take you to the official website page of the promoted business, Facebook has introduced a new type of ads in which the user can communicate with these brands on Messenger through just one click. The social networking giant has also tested Click to Message ads in the USA, which appear in Facebook's News Feed but then link to an experience in Messenger.

Facebook Messenger users will soon start seeing more ads. Stan Chudnovsky, head of product for Messenger, said that ads will make the platform profitable.

Facebook has confirmed that by the end of 2017, it will become yet another ad space.

Messenger ads in the home tab of Messenger. Advertisers will be able to add Messenger to campaigns using the Traffic and Conversion objectives and leverage existing targeting options. Like Audience Network, Messenger ads are an additional placement option when businesses run ads on Facebook. The ads will appear in your inbox between chats.

Whether these display ads deliver on that promise is open to debate - and will no doubt provoke a reaction from users as they begin to roll out.

Last year, Facebook forced mobile users to move over to a separate messenger app for private messages.

In 2016 Facebook also tested sponsored messages.

Each message will then encourage users to contact the FCC or Congress to let them know net neutrality is important.

Facebook has been beta testing the ads for a little while. Facebook has developed an in-app payment system that allows someone to transfer money to other users, including companies a user is making a purchase from.

  • Joe Gonzales