Google releases Trusted Contacts for iOS devices, updates Android app

Apple's ecosystem just got a little bit less sticky thanks to Google's location sharing app launching on iOS. The app first launched on Android previous year.

Trusted contacts can request your location, but the app won't share that unless you don't respond within a set time.

When someone requests your info, you can choose to allow your location to be shared immediately, or you can opt to have a request pop up for manual approval.

Google Trusted Contacts for iOS
Google's Trusted Contacts app arrives on iOS

The app, which launched on Android past year, lets you set up select or "trusted contacts" who can then check whether you're online and moving around. Google pitches the feature as potentially lifesaving in emergency situations when you can't answer your phone. If they're anxious about you, they can request to see your location. One can expand time limit of automatic reply from 5 minutes up to an hour. Android users can also add contacts by phone number or email, which is sent as a message that users can click through to connect to the app's service. If they accept, then they become a trusted contact and you'll see their name and profile picture in your app from then on. For example, if I'm organising a cycling club ride, it would be handy to share my location on the day of a ride to make it easier for everyone to find me at the start.

The updated app also adds support for nine new languages taking the count to 25 worldwide languages including Nepali, Serbian, Urdu, Amharic, Greek, Persian, Bahasa, Macedonian, Burmese, etc. Despite being the seventh-highest earning app in the Google Play store, Netflix's first-place finish on the App Store lifted it to the top spot for overall app revenue.

  • Joe Gonzales