Pokemon GO: Mewtwo Teased in Legendary Trailer

Folks over at the GO Hub have scrutinized the APK assets of the recent "Pokemon GO" update (patch 0.69.0 for Android and 1.39.0 for iOS) and has successfully scraped codes that lead to the induction of Legendaries within the game. Be careful, however, the Legendary Pokemon captured will be able to help you in the Raid Bosses and fighting 'Arènes, but it will be impossible to set them as defense for them.

Hardcore Pokemon fans will recognize those attacks as their respective "signature moves", special moves that can only be used by a specific species of Pokemon.

It's finally happening: Legendary Pokemon will released into wide, wild world of Pokemon Go.

These Raid battles will be how trainers can unite and work together to defeat (and hopefully catch) Legendary Pokémon. Pokemon Go Fest attendees will have the first opportunity to catch a Legendary Pokemon on 22 July during an "epic Raid Battle".

Legendary Pokemon have been a long time coming in Pokemon Go.

Previously, we knew that the very first Pokemon GO Fest event would give players rare prizes for capturing monsters and doing raids.

Should they fail at unlocking the Legendary Pokemon, will we have to wait for next year or something? The highlight of the video, however, is when it depicts the energy surging through the crowd of players hoping to emerge successful from the legendary raid.

Also worth considering when evaluating how hard a legendary Raid Battle will be is the fact that in theory, these will attract a much larger group of players than a battle at a lower tier.

In just a few days, Pokemon GO developer Niantic will be celebrating the mobile title's first birthday with an extravagant event being held in Chicago's Grant Park, but before then, it has just one more update to roll out before the weekend break. But stay tuned. Legendary Pokemon will be arriving soon, and we'll keep you posted.

  • Fernando Stephens