SC upholds martial law

If acts of militant violence spread to other regions, Duterte said he will consider imposing martial law across the country, according to CNN Philippines.

However, senators Joel Villanueva and Hontiveros wanted answers to some of their questions.

During oral arguments from June 13 to 15, petitioners asked the SC to void the martial-law declaration and argued that there was no sufficient factual basis to justify the martial-law implementation.

"Now that the legal debacle is done and over with, we should stand united and fully support the Martial Law in Mindanao", he said.

"We are still calling for the rest of the Filipino nation to also study the imposition of martial law and see this as a unsafe precedent", she said.

"Now, Martial Law can nearly arbitrarily be declared, and, in a sense, apparently putting us at the hands of a de facto military junta", he said, adding he expects "an emboldened military and police to commit more human rights violations and further endanger the lives of our people not just in Marawi but the whole of Mindanao".

"It is of no surprise to us that the Supreme Court upheld and validated the President's proclamation of martial law in the entire of Mindanao".

"It's not dependent on the whim of the Supreme Court".

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel 3rd said the decision of the high tribunal came as no surprise because the President's declaration was valid. She added, however, that, "We expect that Congress will likewise fulfill its Constitutional duty to review, on behalf of the people, the declaration of martial law in Mindanao".

He also urged the government to "fast-track" efforts to bring Marawi back to its feet.

"We were hoping the Supreme Court would be our last line of defence against a patently absurd decision built on a failure of intelligence and a rhetoric of violent machismo", said Machris Cabreros of Akbayan, a left-wing political party whose officers were among the petitioners.

Lacson said the fact that the declaration had "factual basis" was "clear enough that there could not have been any other ruling" as overwhelming decisive.

Lacson was referring to Sen.

Seventeen of 23 senators earlier signed a resolution supporting Duterte's proclamation of military rule, saying there was no "compelling reason" to revoke it.

The senator, meanwhile, expressed hope that none of his colleagues would call the magistrates "lapdogs and cowards of the administration".

Gatchalian described the SC ruling as a "free hand" for the President to use all necessary means to crush the Maute terrorists. One voted to junk the martial law declaration.

Sen. Gringo Honasan, for his part, described the SC decision as "Philippine pluralistic democracy at work".

"There is actual rebellion (on) the streets of Marawi.The goal is to take over the Philippine territory", he said.

Honasan pointed out that flaws in politics and democracy in its worst forms are much better than no rules which is anarchy noting that "everything else is procedural".

"If the situation changes there, our recommendation may also change, depending on the situation in Marawi City", said the Chief PNP.

Villanueva did not disagree with the SC's decision but noted that it must be recalled that the declaration previously had issues regarding its scope.

"The Filipino people should be very vigilant and resist the further continuation of Martial Law in Mindanao or its extension to other parts of the Philippines", Zarate said.

  • Wendy Palmer