States Balk at Requests From Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

Dunlap said he made the decision after consulting with Maine Attorney General Janet Mills.

Critics have accused Trump of forming the commission looking into possible voter fraud because he has said he lost the popular vote only because of illegal voting.

Trump's taunt may have been meant to counter a backlash that could effectively scuttle much of the work of Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity before it begins. Trump has claimed - without evidence - that between 3 million and 5 million people voted illegally previous year. Trump received the most electoral college votes to win the race.

The president has never offered evidence to back up his claim. State statutes permit the WEC to share confidential information in limited circumstances with law enforcement agencies or agencies of other states.

According to Schedler's statement, the Obama Justice Department requested voter information because it believed Louisiana was not registering recipients of state benefits with "sufficient vigor".

States Balk at Requests From Trump's Voter Fraud Commission
States Balk at Requests From Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

Several states have rebuffed the commission's information request, arguing the Trump administration is perpetuating a "myth" that voter fraud played a significant role in the 2016 election. Many political campaigns, for instance, obtain such information for purposes of advertising and door-knocking. Overseas or military voters can also request a ballot be sent out of state ahead of an election, but that also wouldn't be noted on their registration information. Beyond stupid? Or representing the privacy interests of Arkansas voters? The commission asked for information including names, party affiliations, addresses and voting histories of all voters.

"This is an unprecedented request and against current law".

Officials in 10 states and the District of Columbia said they would not comply at all with the request.

Former NAACP President Ben Jealous, who is seeking the Democratic nomination in the 2018 gubernatorial race, held a news conference Monday morning calling for the state board of elections to refuse to cooperate with the election integrity commission.

"They can go jump in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mississippi is a great state to launch from", Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, said in a statement released Friday.

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