Trump Hotels Hacked Again, Credit Cards Exposed

According to news reports, guests at 14 Trump properties across the United States of America and parts of Canada have had their credit card information exposed for the third time in as many years.

The notice explained that the breach did not affect Trump Hotels' systems, but rather affected the Sabre SynXis Central Reservations system, which facilitates the booking of hotel reservations made by consumers through hotels, online travel agencies and similar booking services.

Like Hard Rock and Loews Hotels before it, the hackers gained access to Trump Hotel information between last August 10 and March 9 of this year.

Hackers have received "access to payment card information used for bookings in certain hotels, including the card holder's name, card number and perhaps the security code on the card", the company said. However, Trump Hotels says that the hacker (s) didn't get driver's license numbers, Social Security numbers, or passport info. (Or just cancel them outright; most banks will replace credit cards at no cost if there are security concerns.) The Trump Hotels organization also recommends that users obtain a credit report, and report fraud if they see anything untoward. The breach took place last month and the hotel was notified on June 5.

The hack is the third time a months-long security snafu has affected guests of the chain of luxury hotels.

"We are working with Sabre to address this issue", Trump Hotels wrote in a press release.

Trump International Hotels Management later agreed to pay up $50,000 to settle with NY state over the data breaches, which resulted in the theft of 70,000 credit card numbers and 300 Social Security numbers.

There's a very interesting discussion going on in the United States right now about whether President Donald Trump and his family have been in touch with Russian government agents presumably tied to Russian hackers. Hard Rock Hotels last week admitted that its customers were also involved, and Loews Hotels has reportedly been sending its customers breach notifications. More than 70,000 credit card numbers, 300 Social Security numbers and other personal information were exposed in the breach.

If you stayed at a Trump Hotel during the dates indicated, your best bet is to keep tabs on your credit-card bills and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. The hotel chain learned of the breach in June 2015 but waited an additional four months to notify those affected.

  • Wendy Palmer