Women in the White House are paid less than their male coworkers

According to recently-released salary data, women working in the administration earn an average salary of 80 cents for every dollar that men earn. The White House, however, does not seem to have been able to resolve the disparity in gender pay, an issue that has been demanding major attention for years now.

The average salary for male workers was around $104,000, according to the White House's annual report to Congress, whereas for women it was $83,000. The White House has not responded to CNN's request for comment. But then, Ivanka is not paid a White House salary, nor is her husband, and her father is allegedly donating his pay, so why would she care? Press Secretary Sean Spicer, White House Counsel Donald McGahn and chief strategist Stephen Bannon are among the men in that list.

On average, the difference between male and female salaries in the general economy is 23.5 percent, and in the current White House it's 45 percent. Three of the eight employees in that category are women.

According to CNN, the top salary for permanent White House employees is $179,700, or around £140,000: of the 22 people earning the top rate, only six are women.

As with many topics, the White House has given mixed messages on its dedication to ensuring equal pay between the sexes. Just a little over a week into his presidency, Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, equal pay legislation named for a woman who discovered at the end of her 19-year career that she'd been paid less than her male colleagues all along.

The news outlet buries the real news in its fourth paragraph, which states that the pay gap "is primarily due to more women filling lower-ranking jobs".

Ivanka Trump has made it her mission to close the gap, even tweeting on #EqualPayDay on April 4.

CNN calculated the gender gap using employee names and research.

  • Joey Payne