Fatah Official: Jared Kushner's Mideast Peace Mission Is a 'Delusion'

"We want to work toward a peace that both sides can agree to and that both sides find sustainable. We know that things are hard and complicated, but nothing is impossible with honest efforts".

The US delegation also purportedly informed the Palestinians that it would work towards advancing economic, security and diplomatic collaboration between the sides before initiating direct peace talks.

Before arriving in the region, Kushner, along with a delegation that includes Special Envoy for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt and Deputy Adviser Dina Powell, visited the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, reports CNN.

But the USA delegation refrained from committing to a two-state solution - the primary focus of peace efforts for decades.

For weeks Palestinian officials have called on the United States to back a two-state solution and ask Israel to stop building settlements in the occupied West Bank, which most of the global community considers illegal and an obstacle to the creation of any future Palestinian state.

However, the White House is yet to lay out a framework for negotiations following multiple meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. In January, U.S President Donald Trump pledged to urge Israelis and Palestinians for a peace deal.

According to Al-Hayat, a US delegation headed by Kushner told Abbas this week that "stopping settlement construction is impossible because it will cause the collapse of the Netanyahu government".

"We have clearly emphasized to the Americans the importance of having a public statement that has a commitment to the two-state solution", said Ashraf Khatib, a spokesman for the negotiation affairs department of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

"There was a feeling that the Americans were offended", the source said, "and that's why Abbas was quick to explain himself and say that he was willing to reach a peace deal".

He said it was an option under consideration because "the American administration has not presented any initiative until now, while the Israelis continue with their settlement activities and refuse to abide by obligations they signed up to".

Part of Kushner's trip was meant to reach out to key nations that he sees as part of the process of bringing peace between Israel and Palestine.

  • Joey Payne