Feature Updates Windows 10 Receives in Insider Preview Build 16257

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the Eye Control feature for Windows 10 which would help people operate the onscreen mouse, keyboard and text-to-speech features using just their eyes and now they've released the feature in their Insider Preview.

The feature is now only available with select Tobii hardware and on the EN-US keyboard layout, but additional hardware vendors and layouts will be added in future updates.

The Eye Control feature will be available to the general public as a beta later this year with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

For setting up the Eye Control on your window 10, users need to purchase a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, download and update to Tobii's Core eye tracking hot fix release and run with the compatibility of your own profile.

Though now, Microsoft is only supporting Tobii, the company says it is "open to working with additional hardware vendors to provide customers a broader set of hardware options to enable this experience".

The Redmond-based company has included an early version of its new accessibility feature in the latest Windows Insider beta build. Microsoft plans to release a tool soon that will let developers try out the new color scheme, he said.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Close to 15,000 channel partners got a surprised announcement from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the Inspire 2017 conference. At that time, I had no idea they would continue expanding access throughout all of Windows 10.

If you have used Microsoft Edge before you know that it comes with a very, very annoying selection feature when you select text in the address bar.

Shape writing is another neat feature by Microsoft, which is expected to speed up the typing by allowing you to just look at the first and last letters of a word and "simply glancing at letters in between". At the moment the only such compatible device is a hardware manufactured by Tobii.

To interact with the UI with Eye Control, look at the relevant spot until the button activates, a visual accordance will appear around the UI. A minor problem is that re-calibration of the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is required when lighting conditions change too much. The same Windows 10 Insider Preview Build (v16257) now brings support for additional default colours on the command prompt, giving users a dramatic change to Windows Console's legacy blue to improve its legibility.

WDAG has also received performance improvements, particular to container launch times.

Fixed an issue where if you switched to a new tab and back in Microsoft Edge, Narrator would start reading from the top of the page again, rather than remember where you had been on the page.

  • Fernando Stephens