'Game of Thrones' Hit by Yet Another Leak

Ahead of its TV debut on Sunday, August 6, 2017, the fourth episode of "Game of Thrones" leaked online.

HBO handed off its distribution duties to Star India in 2015.

They also stated that they are going to take this matter seriously and the perpetrators will face legal remedial actions.

Game of Thrones' seventh season recently got underway, with the third episode airing last Sunday in the United States, and Monday in the UK.

The Verge also confirmed that the episode was not part of the HBO hack earlier this week.

Another report suggested more Game Of Thrones episodes could be leaked.

Game of Thrones' bummer-filled week continues.

EW reports that "The Spoils of War", episode 4, which is set to air this Sunday, is now loose on the web.

While there are many who are mocking the leak by Star India, many who claim to be true Game of Thrones fans are really discouraging other from watching the episode until it is officially released. HBO intervened and took down the Google Drive page, but the Vidme and The Pirate Bay links are still up and offering the leaked episode at the time of writing. It was reportedly known that scripts had leaked along with upcoming episodes of Ballers and Room 104. The source of the leak, according to The Verge, is HBO's distribution partner, Star India, whose watermark appears on the leaked version of the episode. HBO is carrying out the investigations both at its own end and at its partner's end so that it can determine how the leak occurred.

Star India is one of HBO's worldwide distribution partners. Article updated following HBO's statement that the two leaks might be different incidents. You just don't want to be handling the relationship with HBO for Star India right now.

  • Fernando Stephens