Nintendo Switch's Exclusive Rocket League Cars Look Great

Victor or nominee of more than 150 "Game of the Year" awards, Rocket League is one of the most critically-acclaimed sports games of our generation. The Mario version is red and can only be used if you're on the Orange Team, while the Luigi auto is green and can be used if you're on the Blue team. You will get the former if you are on the Orange Team, and the latter if you are on the Blue Team.

When Psyonix announced that Rocket League was coming to the Switch, Nintendo fans rejoiced, as the game is one of best multiplayer games on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Mario and Luigi Toppers can be used on non-licensed customizable Battle-Cars, while a Super Star Rocket Boost can be used with the Mario and Luigi cars. You can see the reveal trailer for the three cars down below. The Gunship vehicle will come with a Wave Beam specialized boost.

Look for more information on our Nintendo Switch release as we get closer to launch!

Rocket League is a futuristic action-sports game where players pilot rocket-powered vehicles in an enhanced version of soccer by driving their vehicles into the ball and other players in a variety of arenas. Like the Mario auto, Samus' Gunship features a special boost (Wave Beam) and will have two different variations to match the team you're playing on.

  • Fernando Stephens