Police investigate body in freezer

After Katrina Layton moved in last month with Arturo Novoa in Youngstown, Ohio, she began using the telephone of Novoa's missing former girlfriend, driving her vehicle and caring for her dog, according to a police report included in the complaint.

Two suspects are in custody in connection with a body found in a freezer at a Campbell, Ohio home. The friend had no idea there was a body inside since the freezer had been padlocked. The pair also received a bond of $1 million, which was set by a local judge.

Novoa and Layton have been jailed on corpse-abuse charges, according to CBS.

Youngstown Police are still investigating, but they believe the woman died in Youngstown, not Campbell.

WKBN reports the case may be connected to missing Youngstown woman, Shannon Graves.

Once Layton moved into Graves's home, she drove her vehicle, used her cellphone and used her food card, according to Lantz. On Saturday, Eshenbaugh called the police after his wife opened the freezer and discovered human remains kept in "more than one bag" inside the freezer, according to the complaint. She even became the caretaker of the dead girlfriend's dog.

On Monday, Youngstown City Prosecutor Dana Lantz said that shortly after Graves disappeared in February, he moved Layton into their apartment. Court records didn't list attorneys for them.

'(They) basically, assumed her life and her belongings'. The body was taken to the Cyuahoga County Coroner's Office for forensic examination.

"Early this week, we'll hopefully be able to determine the cause of death and a positive identification", he said. So far investigators have not identified the body.

  • Joey Payne