Ray Lewis to Colin Kaepernick: Don't advertise social activism

And he isn't the only owner doing so.

Kaepernick, who will no longer protest the national anthem as he did last season, has been a free agent since March 1st when he opted out of his contract with the 49ers. The Ravens have been getting a slew of backlash from fans who don't want him signed to the franchise, with some even threatening to not support the team anymore.

"He's a really good football player and like I said, I do believe he'll be playing in the National Football League this year".

A short time later, Newsome refuted the ESPN report in this statement: "We are going through a process, and we have not made a decision".

With Joe Flacco now sidelined due to a back injury, Baltimore is expected to be in search of another potential QB for insurance alongside current backup Ryan Mallett. Bisciotti recently said he is "praying about" the decision. He has been a free agent since. "And we talked and then got to know him very well when he scrimmaged here". He also denied report that Bisciotti blocked the move, saying those who are making those claims are "wrong".

This came a few days after the Ravens said they consulted with Baltimore's two-time Super Bowl winning linebacker about whether they should sign the controversial quarterback.

Colin Kaepernick's potential signing with the Baltimore Ravens remains up in the air. Harbaugh brought up Kaepernick on his own during a briefing, and spoke highly of the former San Francisco 49ers starter. "The battles you fighting, brother, people way before us have been fighting these for many, many, many years". Backup Ryan Mallett has struggled in training camp to live up to the task, throwing at least five interceptions in one practice, according to ESPN. Kaepernick would be a heck of a fit football-wise in Baltimore.

  • Rosalie Stanley