Sadiq Khan criticises YouTube over failure to remove 'horrific' gang videos

The video sharing feature was first made available in Canada and for some users in the U.S., and it is now available for all users around the world.

YouTube has added a new mobile-only feature that allows you to share a video with friends and chat about it in a private thread - all within the YouTube app.

You can share videos with people in your contacts or via a link; the feature supports groups of up to 30 people.

This Shared feature manifests as a fifth tab in the bottom bar of the YouTube mobile apps for iOS and Android.

"But like chats around the water cooler, shouldn't sharing a video be as easy as saying, 'Have you heard this new song?'" We think it'll make sharing easier, faster and more fun on your phone. The new update also lets you chat within the app itself. However, this new feature aims to bridge the gap between YouTube viewers and the things they want to share. The users can also add friends to the existing conversation.

Ever since Google acquired YouTube back in November 2006 (following its original soft launch in 2005), the video-hosting site includes community features such as comments and likes to enable one-on-one communication between uploaders and their subscribers. Users can also reply to other with a video, etc. "Instead, this update gives you a more detailed understanding of whether your video has been identified as not suitable for all advertisers and provides the chance to appeal in Video Manager", said YouTube.

London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, on Monday called on Google and its video-sharing service YouTube to establish stricter rules regarding violent content posted online.

It seems unlikely the feature will change the way users chat, but it may just keep them on the YouTube app for a little while longer before eventually heading over to a Facebook-owned chat app for more in-depth conversations. Till now, you could send video links to friends only through apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or Gmail among others. This still does not compare with other usual messaging apps.

The green and black icons make it clear which videos are totally acceptable in YouTube's eyes and which are not, however the yellow icon is a bit more nebulous.

  • Marlene Weaver