Sony's operating profit triples to record for April-June

Sony expects the PS4 to be as successful as the PS2 and it seems that the console might achieve it as Sony has revealed the total shipped units for PlayStation 4. You can check the out the graph below from the full press release, which compares the results from the final quarter of 2016. On a constant currency basis, sales increased 14%.

However, the Gaming and Networking division weren't all that gloomy with the company reporting that it has shipped 63.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date.

Last we heard, the number of PS4s sold through to consumers was 60.4 million.

Sony also provided a detailed analysis of the results of the Game & Network Services segment, which includes PlayStation and the PlayStation Network.

Sony Pictures Entertainment saw sales increase 12.3 percent year-on-year to 205.8 billion yen ($1.9 billion).

Sony's music operation consists of Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Japan, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and 39.8 percent of EMI Music Publishing's net income, as well as its growing Visual and Media platform, which consists of revenue from the production and distribution of animation titles (including game applications based on the animation titles) and various service offerings for music and visual products.

The recovery of the image sensor business from last year's quake saw the operation make a profit of $500 million. Lower hardware prices wasn't the only contributing factor here, however, as Sony also noted "the absence of the significant contribution of a highly profitable first-party software title" compared to the same period previous year.

Operating income, meanwhile, has been given a ¥10bn upward revision to ¥180bn, again due to the positive impact of foreign exchange rates.

Operating income suffered a bit as well, registering ¥17.7 billion from the ¥26.3 billion earned during the same period past year. The combined Sony/ATV and EMI catalog has grown to 4.49 million songs, versus 4.21 million songs by the end of its prior fiscal year.

  • Fernando Stephens