Taylor Swift announces new album 'Reputation'

Starting with her 2006 self-titled debut and leading up to "1989", Swift had released an album every two years.

But while she hasn't released music lately, that doesn't mean that Swift has been out of the public eye.

In addition, Swift also announced that the full Reputation album will be hitting stores on November 10th. She released the first single from that album, "Shake It Off", on August 18 of that year, about two months before the entire album went on sale.

Taylor's been a little busy recently winning a court case against an American radio DJ who groped her during an interview in 2013. She also opts for a slicked-back beachy wave rather than her ideal bob and bangs. None of the videos were attached with a caption, but many industry insiders and fans assumed that she was going to announce new music.

According to reports, Taylor won't be releasing music that sounds anything like what fans have heard from her in the past. On Monday, the singer dropped her first teaser on the day of the total solar eclipse, the one time that our attention was diverted away from our phones and computer screens.

Thus, with all of the controversy lately, critics have been quick to call her reputation into question. The cover depicts Swift being surrounded by newspaper articles about her.

The announcement came a couple of hours after Swift posted what appears to be the final snake video on Instagram and Twitter.

It's been rumored Swift will either perform or premiere the music video to the song on Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

The album's success gave way to a monster tour and an arguably bigger interest in Swift herself, especially her romantic life and alleged feuds with other celebrities.

  • Marlene Weaver