The New Taylor Swift Song: WE HAVE OPINIONS

"We're very happy that our debut single will potentially be reaching new fans 26 years after its release", the statement reads.

However, rapper Nicki Minaj did not seem to agree and tweeted to "sit down and be humble" but it was not clear if the tweet was directed toward Swift.

Swift released "Look What You Made Me Do", a pop track in which she takes aim at unnamed subjects who have tried to bring her down, singing "Maybe I got mine, but you'll all get yours". While "Look What You Made Me Do" was written by Swift and producer Jack Antonoff (yep, Lena Dunham's boyfriend), Right Said Fred received a songwriting credit and a gorgeous bouquet with a note saying, "Look what you made us do..."

Instagram created it after the singer's feud with the Kardashian-Wests past year over Kanye West's song Famous. "I'm sorry, but the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now. Why?"

For most of this week, the entire world (yes, you included) was captivated by speculation as to what Taylor Swift's mysterious social media blackout-cum-snake teaser video stunt would eventually lead to.

Kim Kardashian later published a video where West tells Swift about the line before its release, and she appears to approve of it. "All I think about is karma", she threatens over an ominous beat that features elements of spooky carnival and horror-movie sound effects.

The single also marks the first song to be heard from her upcoming sixth studio album "Reputation", which she announced earlier this week would be released on November 10. She used the rhythm as much as anything. "/ Oh, 'cause she's dead!" Hope springs eternal that this will still be a good T Swift record. "Fred and I have always been of the view that it's the song that is the most important thing and musicians should always stick together because if we start to get a bit angry with each other that's when it gets a bit depressing". "Look What You Made Me Do" does little to oppose that assumption, given its pointed fingers stance and emphasis on karmic retribution.

  • Fernando Stephens