Tigers win brawl fest against Yankees Thursday

NY reliever Tommy Kahnle and Girardi had just been tossed after Kahnle threw a pitch behind Cabrera in the sixth inning.

Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera was involved in a fight and ejected during Thursday's game against the New York Yankees at Comerica Park.

Just before the fight, Yankees reliever Kahnle had fired a pitch behind Cabrera.

Several other cheap shots may have been taken by players from both teams, which could also lead to suspensions if the offices of Major League Baseball figure out who threw the punches.

Detroit starter Michael Fulmer hit Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez with a pitch the previous inning. An inning earlier, in the fourth, Sanchez had homered off Fulmer.

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers is held back during a sixth inning. Yankees' manager Joe Girardi was tossed because of the lack of warning before Kahnle's ejection.

Second in line is Dellin Betances, who prompted the second of three bench clearing incidents in the game, when he sent a hard high one at 96 miles per hour, striking James McCann on the helmet.

The Tigers-Yankees brawl was the first of three incidents between the teams Thursday.

"He can do whatever he wants to", Cabrera said of Sanchez.

The Tigers would go on to win with a final score of 10-6.

Regardless, the events that spurred from there will likely result in multiple suspensions, starting with Cabrera for shoving and throwing a punch at Yanks catcher Austin Romine and Sanchez for running out from the dugout to get in some punches at Cabrera on the ground.

Tigers reliever Alex Wilson was immediately ejected after hitting Clint Frazier in the thigh with a pitch in the top of the eighth. Betances was ejected, as was acting manager Rob Thompson after he argued it was an accident.

"I don't know what he was thinking to be honest with you, " Todd Frazier said. Both benches cleared and the bullpens emptied. When all was said and done, the benches cleared on three separate occasions and there was a total of eight ejections. Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias was also fined. Somehow, Romine was not one of the players ejected from the game, but his complicity in not walking away from Cabrera makes him culpable as well.

Tigers catcher James McCann was beamed by the Yankees Dellin Betances, in a scary moment that seemingly left the hitter out cold.

  • Joey Payne