Xbox One X is Microsoft's fastest-selling Xbox pre-order

In fact, the company hasn't made an original Xbox One in over a year, confirming that production ended when the Xbox One S was first introduced.

Microsoft has announced that it's ending production of the original Xbox One console in both USA and the United Kingdom in favour of the Xbox One S. The original Xbox One models are finally running out of stock at retailers worldwide, and those empty shelves will not be replenished.

Once this last shipment has been sold, you will no longer be able to buy a brand new Xbox One launch console.

Introduced back in 2013 as the rival to Sony's PlayStation 4, the Xbox One served as the next-generation console after the Xbox 360.

Since then, Microsoft has launched the Xbox One S, a sleek and handsome device meant to replace the eyesore that was the original Xbox One. Microsoft has officially confirmed that it has discontinued its original Xbox One system model, in favor of the Xbox One S and the soon-to-be-released Xbox One X, which is set to arrive this November. Pre-orders opened on Sunday August 20th just before Gamescom, and the Project Scorpio launch edition of the console is already sold out in several territories, says Microsoft.

While Microsoft's latest console is the most powerful one now in existence, its dominance might not last for very long.

Looking forward to the Xbox One X - a console upstaged by its own acronym nearly being XBOX - it's very clear thanks to pre-orders that this brand does still mean something.

  • Fernando Stephens