Angelina Jolie Explains How Netflix Benefits Her New Movie

Angelina Jolie brought several of her children - son Pax, 13, daughters Zahara, 12, and Shiloh, 11, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 9 - to Toronto to enjoy the world premiere of the Canadian movie The Breadwinner, which she executive-produced. After all, is it a failure if a film whose all-but-stated goal is to illuminate the horrific events it depicts, is not a knockout of artistic and entertainment value?

Seriously though, we're so excited to see what kind of people Jolie's kids all blossom into, and whether or not they dive into a creative profession like their parents. "I do not want my children to be anxious about me", she says. "If I am to continue to be in this business I'd love to work with my children if they choose to be in this business".

Jolie added, "The film is about family".

"Even though it was Angelina's decision to split with Brad, she still feels possessive when it comes to him, and Angelina has a jealous streak in her, so if Brad has moved on to another woman, it's definitely going to sting", the source continued.

She explained: "I hope that when people see this film, they don't see the war and the suffering, but they really get to know a Cambodian family and a lovely culture".

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Angelina Jolie Explains How Netflix Benefits Her New Movie

The film, which was screened in Cambodia earlier this year, tells the story of a young girl during the country's 1970s genocide.

Elle Fanning's return as Princess Aurora is also not yet determined given that the script is not yet ready and there's still no confirmed production schedule as of press time. "Months later I was working on land mines and wanting to go back to Cambodia and I was put in touch with the author [Loung Ung].I met her and it changed my life". "We're all trying to do our best to heal our family".

Ung said: 'They really were wonderful.

It appears that her acting comeback was spurred by her divorce from Brad Pitt, of all things. She decided to make things clear ... They've been very courageous. It's not something I wanted. But while I thought they ultimately fell short, I found a lot to like in movies like Unbroken and By the Sea.

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