Apple's iOS App management removed from iTunes on Windows 10

Other changes to version 12.7 of iTunes includes a new "Internet Radio" section in the sidebar, easier ringtone management, and Apple's iTunes U content being integrated into Podcasts. It also adds support for iOS 11 device syncing.

"If you previously used iTunes to sync apps or ringtones on your iOS devices, use the new App Store or Sounds Settings on iOS to redownload them without your Mac", the company says in its update.

Podcasts. iTunes U collections are now part of the Apple Podcasts family.

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Apple launched the new version of its celebrated music app, the iTunes 12.7. It is debatable whether it is a right step by the company to remove the App Store from the iTunes app as more options are usually preferred by us as users. It means the App Store (pictured below) and app library sections are completely gone. Now, users will only be able to download music, movies, television shows, podcasts, and audiobooks from iTunes, according to Apple (aapl).

It's no longer a place for Apple users to get apps, instead, they would have to rely on the iOS App Store.

As expected, one of the highlights in Apple's September 12 event was the unveiling of iOS 11's final version as well as the announcement of when it goes live.

The new App Store for iOS 11 will have a new Today tab which will have original stories from Apple's editors from around the world talking about the newest and latests apps.

Chief among iOS 11's features is a much-needed update to Siri. And you won't need to swipe across to a second screen to access the music control centre.

Apple removes App Store from iTunes 12.7.

  • Joe Gonzales