Four US tourists attacked with acid in France

Four female Boston College students visiting France were attacked with acid at the Marseille-Saint Charles train station on Sunday, an incident authorities believe is unrelated to terror.

The police source said she had justified her actions by saying she herself had been the victim of an acid attack when she was younger. The spokeswoman told the AP that the suspect did not make extremist threats.

Although this incident is clearly horrific in nature, Fox News reports that French authorities are not treating it as a terror attack.

French police arrested a 41-year-old woman in connection to the attack, according to the Associated Press, which cited an anonymous source in the local prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office in the capital, which has responsibility for all terror-related cases in France, did not explain the reasoning behind the decision.

Two of the women were taken to a hospital, police said.

France has been on high alert for terrorism since 2015, after a series of attacks killed more than 230 people.

Regional newspaper La Provence, quoting unidentified police officials, reported that the suspect had a history of mental health problems and didn't try to flee the site of the attack.

Two female tourists have been hospitalised after the attack in Marseille.

Two of the Americans were "slightly injured" with acid but did not require emergency medical treatment from medics at the scene, the spokeswoman said.

  • Joey Payne