Interpol handcuffs PM's hope of ending anti-Israel automatic majority

The United Nations has rejected warnings from the USA and Israel and voted to include the Palestinians in "Interpol".the global police agency.

The United States believes the unilateral move to have global bodies recognise Palestinian statehood will thwart efforts to restart the peace process.

The U.S. has also argued that "Palestine" should not join Interpol because it is not a state.

The PA foreign minister added that the Palestinians' bid to join the worldwide police organization succeeded because "of the principled position of the majority of Interpol's members...who clearly refused efforts of political manipulation and gamesmanship".

Earlier in the day, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that they and other countries had delayed the vote after complaining about irregularities. He promised to uphold Palestinian commitments to combating crime and strengthening the rule of law.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak called it "another failure" for Netanyahu.

Israel says Palestinian incitement has fuelled the attacks.

The Palestinian candidacy was approved along with a bid by the Solomon Islands as the organisation held its annual general assembly in Beijing. "Perhaps they might have concerns that any information that they try to disseminate through Interpol's channels, Palestine would now have access to".

"Interpol has a very, very broad membership", said Min, noting that some members have good human rights records, while others abuse the justice system.

In this photo provided by Interpol, delegates are seated for the 86th session of the General Assembly, in Beijing, China, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017.

Interpol carefully vets red notice requests, which must be based on documented evidence of wrongdoing, such as a domestic arrest warrant.

"The Interpol General Assembly has also adopted a resolution interpreting Article 4 of the Constitution which governs the criteria under which countries can apply for membership of the Organization in the future", the agency said. Interpol does not recognize Taiwan, whose statehood China vehemently rejects, as a member, and rejected the self-governing island's request to join the general assembly as an observer past year.

  • Joey Payne