Iowa National Guard soldiers deploy to Texas

The Nebraska National Guard deployed a 44 person medical team to Texas to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

The soldiers will conduct aviation operations in Texas on two St. Cloud-based CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

The Nebraska National Guard was deployed to Texas nearly a week ago and has since been rescuing survivors, hauling food, water and even 500 pounds of blood to a local hospital.

The aircraft and crew may be used for delivering things like food and water to stranded people and providing emergency transportation for those in need.

The state has an agreement in place with Louisiana, Texas and several other surrounding states to offer Guard support in disaster scenarios. "We're ready and willing to offer additional support as needed".

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Friday announced he had authorized the deployment of the guardsmen to Texas. The state's National Guard anticipates sending over 200 more guardsmen through the weekend. "This is what we train for".

In 2005, the Arkansas Guard sent about 3,000 troops to the Gulf Coast to assist Hurricane Katrina recovery, said Spc.

The Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard has already deployed more than 60 soldiers and Airmen to support relief efforts.

  • Joey Payne