Mobile family plans now include Netflix for free

Starting on September 12th (hmm, something else is supposed to happen on that date), if you have a T-Mobile One account with two or more lines, you will receive a Netflix Standard 2-screen account.

Are there any caveats? . Customers can activate their new Netflix subscriptions online, in-store, or by calling T-Mobile customer service, starting September 12. When someone signs up for what T-Mobile is calling "Netflix on Us", they will be given a website to go to where they can link their Netflix account with their T-Mobile plan. If you're on an older plan, the $100 per two-line promotional plan, or the 55+ senior plan, you need to switch up to the One or One Plus plans. If customers have or want the premium Netflix subscription, they pay an additional $2 dollars on their wireless bill. Three lines cost $140 per month while four lines cost $160 per month.

In addition, T-Mobile is throwing a Netflix "Meme-a-thon" on Twitter.

T-Mobile has announced its latest "Un-carrier" move today, following many such unveilings of new perks and features for its customers - some of which have changed the mobile space in the US. Subscribers with two lines pay $60 per line, while those with three pay $47 per line. T-Mobile's unlimited plan now costs two people $120 a month, while a family of four pays $160. The guy has shoulder-length hair, usually wears a pink T-shirt with the T-Mobile logo across it, and is known for speaking freely and not necessarily sticking to prepared remarks. To deliver even SD video, T-Mobile uses data compression to deliver your video using only 1.5Mbps. Viewing is not limited to T-Mobile-connected cellular devices, T-Mobile told Ars. Since speed is all important for high-quality video-streaming, this is all for the good.

How does this compare to other carriers?

So if you plan on watching Netflix on-the-go, prepare for sub-par image quality.

Nevertheless, the promotion is likely to give at least some lift to Netflix's US subscriber figures.

T-Mobile shook up the industry with no-contract, monthly financing plans for mobile phone purchases.

  • Wendy Palmer