Most anticipated features of iPhone X

As The Verge notes, this means the non-OLED next-gen devices will be called iPhone 8, rather than sticking with the traditional model of going to "iPhone 7S" - and it looks like the rumored $1,000 price is probably attached to the iPhone X. Majority are focusing on its looks or the OLED display.

We are just three days away from the announcement of the new iPhone as well as the official release of iOS 11.

We all thought the Anniversary edition device will be called iPhone 8 given the previous chronological order.

Recent reports claim that iPhone X will have OLED panel.

Apple's Home Button hasn't only served the goal of a fingerprint scanner, but also adds more uses like accessing multitasking menu and activating Siri.

The screen is expected to measure 5.8-inches, corner-to-corner with rounded corners. As it is not possible for all Apple fans to attend the event, the tech giant has chose to live-stream it.

Beyond that, the event carries special meaning for Apple. Here is what all the analysts said about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8. The enhancement would presumably build on the iPhone's already impressive Portrait mode, which simulates a shallower depth of field effect commonly available on high-end DSLR cameras.

If this indeed is the case, the name iPhone X would certainly seem like a logical choice given X is the Roman equivalent of 10, the date marking Apple's iPhone anniversary.

Now, new reports have surfaced online revealing what might be Apple's next big product announcement, expected to be made on the 12th of September.

Photography fans will be happy to know Apple has add an interesting new Portrait Lighting mode that works with flash to allow for options like Natural Light, Stage Light, Studio Light, and Contour Light. Both 9to5Mac and MacRumors were sent the golden master (GM) version of iOS 11 by a source, revealing a ton of fresh details.

As per the new leak of its firmware, there will be no any Touch ID in the new iOS device but the Touch ID is replacing by Face ID. For anyone who can't afford to toss their old iPhone to buy the shiny new models, the iOS 11 update is a way to get some of the new features on existing devices. Both might have, at the front, a TouchID fingerprint sensor along with newest Apple A11 processor and likely wireless charging.

  • Fernando Stephens