NHC forecasts Hurricane Jose to go in a circle over the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center's forecast has Jose looping around the Atlantic Ocean away from land but potentially nearing the southeastern Bahamas as a hurricane late in the week.

As of Tuesday morning, Jose was 435 miles northeast of Grand Turk Island and 655 miles northwest of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Once a major Category 4 hurricane following in the path of its bigger sister, Irma, Jose is now a Category 2 storm with winds of 105 miles per hour.

After Irma climbed up Florida, it had slowed to a tropical depression as it dumps rain over Tennessee and the Ohio Valley, NHC reported.

Connecticut's weather next Monday through Wednesday is largely dependent on the track of Hurricane Jose.

Hurricane Jose is in no hurry to go anywhere.

Caicos before Irma
Caicos before Irma

Remains of the storm could also push the jetstream further north dragging better weather to the British Isles, but the forecast is still questionable.

A local meteorologist has sought to allay the fears of residents of a possible "double hit" after worldwide experts revealed that Hurricane Jose is expected to make a loop that will affect parts of the Caribbean. Whether it impacts our forecast is still uncertain. Potential tracks vary wildly, from landfalls in the south up to the Canadian maritimes, while others take Jose out to sea permanently.

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect for Jose, the center said.

Current long-term forecast models for Jose are all over the map next week.

Before this hurricane season, the United States had gone a record 12 years without a major hurricane landfall.

"The main circulation of Irma will move into the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states later this week and may even linger for part of the upcoming weekend", said AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rathbun.

  • Joey Payne