Ryanair Publishes List Of Cancelled Flights Affecting 2% Of Customers

Ryanair said it would contact customers affected by the cancellations immediately with an offer of alternative flights or full refunds.

Ryanair sent emails to the first affected passengers last Friday, giving them the choice of a refund or an alternative flight.

If your flight is cancelled you should receive an email and text message from the airline advising you of the cancellation.

Ireland's Commission for Aviation Regulation is due to meet to discuss the ongoing situation and say it expects some passengers will be entitled to compensation.

Changes imposed by Irish regulators, in line with European law, forced Ryanair to conform staff holidays with the calendar year from January, requiring it to allocate that leave before the end of the year. Most of the cancelled flights are to or from Ryanair's busiest airports, including Barcelona, Rome and Stansted. Clune said the uncertainty over flight cancellations is having an impact on both tourism and business travellers who may have to make alternate flight arrangements with very short cancellation notice.

Mr O'Leary said most people would still be able to fly on the same day.

Ryanair Holdings Plc risks reviving its reputation for slack customer service with a move to scrap hundreds of flights through the end of October because of poor planning amid aggressive expansion.

The low-priced carrier said it "messed up" staff holiday applications, meaning it would be forced to cancel two per cent of its flights each day in order to give pilots and other employees sufficient time off in the coming weeks.

Ryanair has since told passengers on its Twitter page that "between today and tomorrow" it will publish a full list of the flights it plans to cancel up to October 31. Be sure to document what you spend, though and keep receipts.

If you are stuck in your holiday or business destination, the airline is required to pay for your accommodation and reasonable food and communication expenses while you wait for the next available flight.

THE majority of standard travel insurance policies won't cover you for flight cancellations and other costs.

Ryanair has been running its system at the limit, with 97 percent of seats occupied in August, when the carrier flew 12.7 million passengers.

  • Joey Payne