The 1000+ Horsepower Mercedes-AMG Project One: This Is It

The hypercar pumps out 1,000 horsepower and has a top speed of 217 miles per hour using a 1.6 liter V6 gas engine and four electric motors. Oh, and it should look like a really, really pissed-off fish. Mercedes-AMG is "simply" calling it "the most ambitious project the performance and sports auto the brand has ever planned", and it also comes just as the divisions is celebrating 50 years of existence. Two drive the front wheels, then there's a further 120kW one attached to the V6 engine's crank, and an 80kW one is fitted within the turbocharger itself.

Our man David Tracy, live on the scene, tells us that in the flesh it looks stunning and better than in the photos. Though the exterior design will be cleaner than the visually awkward, albeit incredibly windswept F1 cars of today, it will have gone through similarly efforts to reduce drag.

The hypercar from Mercedes is projected to arrive in 2020 and it promises a performance that is purely insane. Active aero is found at the front too, with an extending front splitter and movable flaps positioned over the front wheels.

Alongside being able to operate as a pure EV, the driving modes range to include a "highly dynamic" mode, which Mercedes says uses similar settings used by the Formula 1 vehicle during qualifying laps.

AMG's engineers admit they could have made the R faster still.

A single large-bore exhaust provides the visual centrepiece of the tail section and appears to have little in the way of silencers. These have adjustable backs and fixed bases, so the pedals and steering wheel adjust instead - a similar setup to the Ford GT.

Mercedes AMG Project One

And as a vehicle intended for the street, it seats two with bucket seats that have adjustable backrests integrated into the monocoque.

Being a hybrid means the Project One makes good use of its power. There are two 10-inch screens, one in front of the driver and the other in the dash center and beneath it are two ventilation nozzles suspended like a gondola.

Mercedes-AMG also deemed that air-con, power windows and an audio system were essential, along with storage cubbies behind the seats, and a central compartment with transparent lid. The mystery has finally been revealed and it's one heck of a scary looking beast indeed.

Only about 275 will be built.

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  • Fernando Stephens