256GB iPhone X Is The More Popular Choice Amongst Consumers

Apple has brought back the iPhone's headphone jack with a new attachment added to its online store. Given the "relatively low price sensitivity of iPhone X buyers", Daryanani writes, Apple could have a lot of success selling charging accessories.

Apple's iPhone 8 features quick charging, which is great, because slow charging has long frustrated iPhone owners. For that, you need a USB-C cable and power adapter.

According to reports, two Apple iPhone 8 Plus smartphones had burst open, one owner in Taiwan and another one in Japan.

The recently launched smartphone from the U.S. giant was reported to have experienced the swollen battery issue by a user in Taiwan on the third day of owning the device.

For now, it's best to take care and observe your iPhone 8 Plus.

According to Forbes, the tech company rushed out the iOS 11.0.1 update to fix some of the problems, but some Apple device users instead began experiencing even more issues. But of course, those who are more interested in the fact if they can downgrade iOS 11.0.2 will be pleased to learn that they can do so right away.

Meanwhile, technology websites like MacRumors and Sydney Morning Herald have reported that Apple is looking into the issue. However, teardown reports had suggested that the batteries of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are smaller than iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple never reveals the battery capacity during their launches.

Have you noticed a odd thing with your older iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 or any version of iPhone? Wireless charging in iPhone X seems to be the most popular feature followed by facial recognition.

At the time of writing the news officially announced only two cases of peeling of the screen from the Apple iPhone 8 Plus, but in reality they may be much more. Apple also launched the 10th year anniversary edition smartphone, the iPhone X, which is expected to go on sale starting November 3.

  • Joe Gonzales