Air France Passenger Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Canadian Goose Bay

Flight AF 066 was diverted to Goose Bay Airport on Canada's east coast, where it landed safely Saturday, the airline said in a statement.

The airline is working to reroute the passengers to Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Shocking images shared on social media show the plane's mangled engine.

A giant Air France A380 jet flying from Paris to Los Angeles made an emergency landing on Newfoundland after one of its four engines blew out.

Rick Engebretsen, one of the passengers, wrote a Twitter message saying there was a "loud thud and a lot of vibration".

The plane landed safely at around 1:40pm local time with part of the engine missing and debris scattered across the runway.

The plane was about an hour off the coast of Canada when the incident occurred, Miguel Amador, a passenger on the flight, said.

The Air France company qualified the incident as serious and praised the way pilots and the crew coped with it.

PASSENGERS have told of their terror after a plane's engine seemingly fell to pieces mid-air.

"We had a mid-air mayday when we lost one of our engines".

  • Wendy Palmer