Amazon Has A Product Listing For The SNES New 3DS XL

When Analogue's Super NT is released early next year, the unedited game - now dubbed Super Turrican: Director's Cut - will be included with every console, along with an SNES-style cartridge box.

This $199.99 Super Nintendo-themed New Nintendo 3DS XL looks rather different than the versions released in Japan and Europe, due to the variation between the original systems. Not to mention, it features a download code for Super Mario Kart.

Paying homage to one of Nintendo's most beloved systems of all time, this gorgeous new system is modeled after the SNES.

Nintendo are to release a New Nintendo 3DS XL console, visually created to reflect the look of the U.S Super Nintendo.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL plays all Nintendo DS games, will allow you to take 3D photos and also play games that support its new 3D technology.

Further, the US version of the console will look different than the European version. The US version of the handheld will sport the classic blue and grey motif we know and love.

You can pre-order the Super Nt now for $190, with orders expected to ship in February 2018. Last year, NES Classic was released, followed by the Super NES Classic. But Analogue's awesome Super Nt - a precision engineered reference quality Super Nintendo console that can play the original cartridges - might just do one better.

  • Joe Gonzales