DOOM's Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed; New Developer Interview Released

Members of id Software remind users of the console that they can enjoy the entire original DOOM campaign. People will have the campaign with every difficulty level, the arcade mode, and all multiplayer maps and modes.

Thankfully, publisher Bethesda shared more information on Doom's Switch version a few weeks ago, filling us in on visual quality and other performance details.

DOOM is (surprisingly) making the leap to Nintendo Switch, previously earmarked with a "Holiday 2017" release date when revealed.

"If you're into that sort of abuse, it is there for you", Martin said. "They basically took that and ran with it. and really tailored the tech for that hardware without watering anything down". The FPS genre is now underserved on the Switch, so a game like Doom that's already known to be of very high quality is a great addition, especially since this is the first time it will be available on a portable device. "Most of the technical sites that evaluated it talked about how scaleable it was and how many options we gave players".

That kind of consideration demonstrates that fact that id Software has been forced to make some tweaks to the game to make sure it's at its best on the Switch.

Will you be picking up Doomon the Nintendo Switch?

These games were already confirmed to be released, with Wolfenstein II being released in 2018, and Skyrim in November.

The November 10 release date of Doom on the Switch is the start of a huge week for the console, with LA Noire coming out on November 14 and then Skyrim finally arriving on November 17.

Of course this is not the first platform that DOOM has graced.

  • Joe Gonzales