Edmonton terror attacks: Abdulahi Sharif charged with attempted murder

Sharif's bail hearing was delayed until Tuesday but police released a photo of Sharif taken after his capture, showing a young man gazing directly at the camera, a large bruise on his forehead.

Police have charged Sharif with terrorism, five counts of attempted murderer, unsafe driving and possession of a weapon.

In 2015, investigators from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police received a note about a young man sharing extremist views.

A flag of the Islamic State militant group was found inside the Malibu, said Rod Knecht, police chief of Edmonton, Alberta's provincial capital.

The charges come after Const. Mike Chernyk was run down by a vehicle and stabbed outside Commonwealth Stadium while conducting a roadblock at an Edmonton Eskimos football game.

After Chernyk managed to fight him off, the suspect drove off.

Chernyk is out of hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Police identified the suspect when he stopped at a checkpoint and his license showed that he was the owner of the Malibu.

Hours later, the suspect took police on a wild chase through the city's downtown in a rented van as he tried to mow down pedestrians, before the vehicle was knocked over and the driver was apprehended.

Police chased the U-Haul truck, which ultimately tipped over. This raised doubts in the mind of the police and the driver sensed trouble. "We continue to collect and gather information related to this investigation ... if additional charges are supported, they will be pursued at that time".

Police said they have been in contact with the RCMP National Security Unit and there has been no change in threat assessment at a national level.

"If there are gaps in the system that allowed this to happen, what are we going to do to fix those?"

"There will certainly be a review after this to see if we could do things differently, but I do believe what we have in place right now is working quite well". Two had been released from hospital as of Sunday afternoon.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said it would be wrong to blame the attack on any alleged shortcomings or failures in Canada's immigration and refugee vetting system. He said nothing raised any red flags at the time.

The driver, a 30-year-old male, "deliberately attempted to hit pedestrians" during the police chase and was arrested after his vehicle overturned, said police, adding that "based on evidence at the scenes and the actions of the suspect", these incidents are being investigated as "acts of terrorism".

  • Wendy Palmer