Fall Creators Update to Roll Out with Fluent Design

The easiest way to install Fall Creators Update is to just use Windows Update.

The Fall Creators Update has started rolling out today through Windows Update, but as usual it will take many weeks for it to reach all of the Windows 10 installations out there. However, users of enterprise-focused versions of Windows 10 can disable automatic updates if they believe those processes might interfere with their business operations.

The latest update delivers security improvements by taking ransomware head on in the Windows Defender Security Center. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can be experienced on a wide variety of Windows 10 PCs and on a range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets available for the first time today.

The official rollout of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update may take over several months to finish, so it's always better to get on the train early on to avoid this endless waiting.

Microsoft would prefer for you to wait for the Fall Creators Update to roll out to your device.

Myerson would not reveal more about the company's strategy beyond that - "I don't want to answer more specifically", he said when pressed - but it's easy to begin connecting the dots of Microsoft's new mobile road map. This will download the Windows 10 Update Assistant. If the Fall Creators Update is available, you will soon be on your way to installing it on your computer. All you have to do is download the tool from here, and follow the on-screen instructions. The problem stems from "patch diffing", in which hackers noting security fixes for Windows 10 have time to exploit those vulnerabilities on older versions of the OS that have not yet been updated. The base platform isn't all that taxing-you can get away with a modern CPU with integrated graphics-but Windows Mixed Reality Ultra requires more powerful processors and dedicated graphics. However, if you click that link from a Windows device you will be redirected to the Media Creation Tool page. It's also possible to manually download the Fall Creators Update from Microsoft's website. Microsoft showed off new apps at Build that would've made the Fall Creators Update seem like a much bigger deal.

  • Fernando Stephens