First female missing journalist returns home after two years

"Shehzadi was recovered on Wednesday night from near Pak-Afghan border".

Shahzadi's family has yet to issue a statement.

Zeenat Shahzadi, the journalist who went missing in Lahore in 2015, has been recovered by security forces, Dawn reported quoting officials.

The security agencies in Pakistan to admit that Ansari was in their custody.

"She used to tell me that a Pakistani should play a pivotal role in helping find my son, which she did", Ansari says. "She called me and said she planned to file a petition in the court as well as the Human Rights Cell of the Pakistani Supreme Court about Hamid's disappearance".

Back in Mumbai, Fauzia said that she was delighted to hear about her release.

Many believe the role of Zeenat in making Pakistani authorities acknowledge that Hamid was present in a Pakistani jail was one of the key reasons for her disappearance in 2015. She later came to know that Ansari had crossed over in search of a woman he loved and to prevent her marriage with someone else in Pakistan's Kohat region.

The freelance reporter, who used to also refer to herself as a "human rights activist", had been working on the case of Mumbai resident Hamid Ansari, who had disappeared in Pakistan in November 2012. She was working with Daily Nai Khaber and also Metro News Channel at the time of her abduction.

Latif added, "Zeenat received threats from unknown persons who asked her not to pursue the case anymore".

Speaking to The Asian Age, professor Ansari said that it has been a long wait for her son's release but the fact that Zeenat who had apparently been abducted for her efforts in trying to secure the release of Hamid was cause for relief and renewed hope. Shahzadi was due to appear before the Commission on Enforced Disappearances just days after she disappeared. From his e-mail accounts, it was found he was in touch with a Pakistani girl.

A few months later, news surfaced in a section of the media, saying that Hamid had been sentenced to three years' imprisonment on charges of espionage.

My sister has not committed any crime in helping an Indian national.

  • Joey Payne