Google working on smart screen assistant device to compete with Echo Show

The device has been given the codename "Manhattan" internally and will come with Google Assistant and will support video calling. First off you need to be a new subscriber to take advantage of the promo, so current subscribers or older are not eligible to get the free credit. Additionally, Amazon revealed Echo Buttons, which are Bluetooth-connected multicolored buzzers that can connect to Alexa for games.

The updated and redesigned Echo boasts improved audio quality and uses an all-new far-field technology.

Having their own smart hub screen is a logical move for Google, especially given their recent move to remove YouTube from the Echo Show due to Amazon's violations of their terms of services when it comes to subscriptions and video recommendations. Google is among them-it launched its voice-activated Google Home smart speaker previous year, and while it trails the Alexa-powered Echo in overall functionality, updates to the device have added features over time.

Codenamed Manhattan, the device Google is building to achieve this is, sources within the company say, similar to the Echo Show.

"The all-new Fire TV delivers a great entertainment experience with the best picture quality on a Fire TV, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, and an unbeatable selection of content - all at an affordable price", said Marc Whitten, Vice President, Amazon Fire TV. The HomePod, though, will cost $350, three times more than the next-generation Echo.

Amazon holds a commanding lead in the smart speaker market, taking up 70 percent of United States device sales, according to eMarketer. However, with so much at stake, Google needs to provide consumers with a unique selling point and reason to pick its device over the more-established Amazon versions, lest customers be left asking what they did to deserve this flat, flavourless Manhattan. And the user's phone number will be displayed as caller ID. Google has said it will be able to display mobile numbers for other user soon, but Amazon has beaten it to the punch.

The company also announced a new Fire TV that will make the most of the latest video standards. Unlike Amazon, Google has a mobile platform, and therefore, its assistant is essentially mobile rather than confined inside the house. Google is reportedly talking to Best Buy's Geek Squad and Enjoy for home installation, suggesting the product will not be as portable as the Echo Show.

Before the end of 2017?

  • Fernando Stephens