India failed to cause problems for opponents, says coach Matos

This is not only the first time India is hosting a Federation Internationale de Football Association event, but also the first time featuring in it. The contingent was welcomed by a raucous crowd on Friday evening and the Colombia match has seen the online quote of tickets sold out - and the taste of football in front of so many fans has left the team not nervous, but is rather helping them enjoy the sport. The first to land in India for the tournament, Colombia have acclimatised themselves with the conditions, though they started the tournament with a reverse. Now, India have another stern test awaiting them as they take on Colombia in their second match of the tournament at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi on Monday.

The 16-year old refused to comment when asked if competitive experience was lacking in the squad but did talk about the fact that the World Cup is played at a high level where all mistakes were likely to be punished, "At this level, when you make a small mistake, they punished us". The American players began with a possessive match. But India did not have defenders back to guard against a quick counterattack.

The Indian coach decided on a midriff-heavy 3-6-1 format, with only one striker in Abhijit Sarkar, while the usa started on 4-3-3. In the 24th minute, Aniket Jadhav earned a corner kick for India, but Sanjeev Stalin's delivery was met with a fury of American headers to clear away the ball. The opposition's striker, Joshua Sargent didn't miss the opportunity to score.

In the 30th minute, U.S. were awarded a penalty and Sargent scored from the spot to give the opponents the lead.

According to the witnesses, it was an emotional meeting since most players belong to humble backgrounds and their parents have struggled to make ends meet. They struggled to complete passes and ended up numerous times in giving away the ball to opponents. And while they were restricted to attacking on the counter against an equally physical Ghana, they have a significant size advantage over the hosts. Indian coach himself looked frustrated by the Indian performance. The number of tickets distributed was more than half of the capacity of the stadium but the reason they gave was that New Delhi is not exactly known for a large number of football-crazy fans like other states. Underdog Indian side came out in the second-half to find an equalizer. The team terms are followed by knockout round of successive matches where the winning team advances through the competition.

90': Three minutes to be added as injury time.

The U-17 Indian football team. We have two different solutions and we will work very hard on this.

  • Rosalie Stanley