Mobile Limits the Data Usage in Canada and Mexico to 5 GB

The carrier did state that "less than 1% of people" on the plan used over 5GB a month when traveling. One of those options was the Mobile Without Borders plan that provided unlimited LTE data when customers traveled to Canada or Mexico. Starting on 12 November, the LTE speed will drop to 256Kbps for Oneplus users and 128Kbps for other users after the daily limit has been reached.

Looking at the general scheme of things, this limitation will affect heavier users, but if you go on a vacation for just a few days, you should be fine with the 5GB data allowance. That's thanks to the company's Mobile Without Borders perk, which was implemented in 2015.

Also, you may have less data to play with if you aren't subscribed to an unlimited plan. For T-Mobile One customers, the One Plus worldwide option can be added for an extra $25 per month, and that'll get you unlimited high-speed data when venturing across the border. T-Mobile wrote, "Starting November 12, 2017 customers on T-Mobile ONE, Simple Choice North America, or legacy rate plans with a qualifying feature will receive unlimited talk, text and data with a maximum of 5GB of 4G LTE".

T-Mobile customers can track their LTE usage in Canada and Mexico by dialing the short code #WEB# on their phone. We all know that "unlimited" really isn't unlimited though and when the T-Mobile One plan debuted it had a cap of 32GB of use per month before data prioritization. Either way, T-Mobile says that less than 1 percent of users who travel to either country use over 5GB in a month.

"Mobile Without Borders is an incredible benefit and allows customers to stay connected when traveling in Canada and Mexico", T-Mobile said.

You can find out more details about the latest Uncarrier offering from T-Mobile over at their website at the link below.

  • Fernando Stephens