Nintendo Drops Huge Hint That Smash Bros Switch is On its Way

It's been speculated that the Switch would be able to run GameCube games within its Virtual Console at some point, indicating that this could possibly hint at the expected arrival of the emulator in the near future.

GameCube controllers are highly important in the Super Smash Bros competitive arena, with them lending themselves better to the fighting series' frenetic gameplay than other control methods.

You'll need a special adapter to use the controllers. We can now hook up the GameCube controller adapter for Wii U to our Switch consoles to use the fan-favorite peripheral - which is now compatible with four straight Nintendo home consoles in a row, it should be said. After you've connected it, the GameCube controller will show as a USB controller on the Switch. Now, with a week's worth of digging, it's been discovered that the update added another ability that went unnoticed: GameCube controller support. Once this is done, the controller is ready to use.

By nature of it having a different layout, the GameCube controller does take some getting used to. We're not expecting any big Nintendo Switch news soon, especially with the Animal Crossing mobile Direct on the way, but hopefully this leads to something more than speculation. But, now the support is pretty much official. Nintendo has quietly added support for them after the 4.0 system update.

Many now believe that the Switch may get an updated version of Super Smash Bros., or Nintendo might even offer GameCube titles for download someday.

  • Joe Gonzales