Thanks to Rick and Morty, McDonald's Is Bringing Back the Szechuan Sauce

"In addition, after almost 20 years (and perhaps a bit of time travel) we're even doing the impossible..." The bit inspired the show's devoted fans to pressure McDonald's to bring back the sauce. Although McDonald's did not respond to Polygon's question about whether the sauce was brought back because of Rick and Morty, the company did call the treat "the year's most talked-about dipping sauce".

The chain is also releasing 1,000 limited edition commemorative screen-printed posters to go along with each sauce, also to be available on October 7 at participating locations. It's most likely that the sauce will come in little packets like McDonald's other dips and getting ahold of more than a couple might prove to be hard.

The fast food chain brought back a few huge bottles not too long ago for Justin Roiland and some lucky fans, leading to some really intense bidding wars.

If you're sick of having to simply use ketchup or brown sauce for your chicken nuggets then hold on to your napkins, because McDonald's is bringing back their Szechuan dipping sauce for one day online.

In addition to the Szechuan Sauce, fans can also get a limited-edition, hand-made poster commemorating this special occasion.

Yesterday Rick and Morty capped off its third season with an episode in which Rick tried to murder the President of the United States.

The sauce itself doesn't appear to have particularly szechuan roots-it's more of a plum sauce that's somewhere between sweet and sour and barbecue sauce, according to people who remember trying it in the '90s.

This Saturday, October 7th, select McDonald's will be serving limited edition Szechuan Sauce with their new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders.

'Sometimes, their impulsivity can get them into all sorts of hijinks, but their mad genius is their portal out of trouble.

The rare Maccy D's condiment was originally introduced in 1998 as a tie-in with the Disney animated movie Mulan.

At the end of the episode that sparked the saucy cultural revolution-Rick stands over a shaken Morty while extrapolating his ultimate life goal-to get that McNugget sauce. "Even if it takes nine seasons!"

Sure, you could try and grab a copy of the honey mustard sauce's art print, but let's be honest here, this is all about owning a piece of suspiciously Rick and Morty-esque artwork, the better to show off your love of a certain sci-fi cartoon.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

  • Marlene Weaver