What to expect from Google's Pixel 2 reveal event

The industry are expecting to see Google reveal two new handsets that will directly repace Google's existing smartphone lineup: a smaller Pixel 2, and its larger sibling Pixel 2 XL.

With a five-inch, 1080p display, Pixel 2 is the smaller of the devices, featuring a screen whose aspect ratio is the formerly standard 16:9. The new device was requesting for a setup which hints that a Google employee might be testing the device ahead of the official rollout. It's all one piece of glass, unlike the mostly bump-free Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. While other flagship phones come with dual cameras, but Google has made a decision to go with the single camera. But tomorrow's event bolsters Google's commitment to hardware and smartphones following the company's purchase of HTC's talent for more than $1 billion dollars. We have already heard that a premium laptop dubbed as Pixelbook is in the works, with a retail price tag more in line with the entry-level Apple MacBooks than with most Chromebook machines.

The box the Home Mini comes in is 11.5 x 11.5 x 12cm. It doesn't seem any other Pixelbook details were leaked through the reseller. It is expected to come with a stylus accessory that will retail separately at $100.

We recently saw reports suggesting that Google might have a new smart home device in the pipeline. The company launched two new Pixel smartphones previous year along with a smart speaker and virtual reality headset. But, now most of the focus of company is glued on the new Manhattan device. The devices will likely be available as a Verizon national carrier exclusive, and as an unlocked GSM model and through Google's Project Fi network.

This isn't the first leak for Google's upcoming slate of products.

Elsewhere today's report also tells us a little more about the Pixelbook, which Google is likely pitching against Microsoft's Surface range.

  • Joe Gonzales