Google announces Files To Go, takes on ShareIt

It's called Files Go.

What is Google Files Go?

For folks that are anxious about the storage space on their phone, Google has a new way to help ease the load.

How does Google Files Go work? Google's VP of product management, Caesar Sengupta, acknowledged the app's discovery on Twitter earlier and stated that Google has made it available to download from the Play Store once more in beta format, so don't be surprised if the app has a couple of quirky habits.

Upon launching Files Go, you will be brought to a main screen that is split into two tabs: Storage and Files.

Google has especially designed this app for those users who don't have much memory capacity. This app is both a storage management app and a way you can quickly transfer files using a wireless option. There was even a card that, when acted upon, brought us to settings so we could get alerts about unused apps. We tried sending a bunch of files through this feature and it worked just fine.

Once they do, you will be able to select a file and send it to them - no Wi-Fi or cellular data required. Files Go will look for the sender and accept what they're trying to send. However, the audio, video and image files can only be shared within Bluetooth range. But it doesn't get the job done or to put it simply, it is just not a File Manager. Similar to popular file sharing apps such as Shareit and Xender, Google's app creates your profile to help you send large-sized files with your nearby contacts at a fast pace. You can also adjust your name, language preferences, and more.

I am not sure how it flags those files for removal, as there is no information about this mentioned in the app.

Do you need Google Files Go? .

To target the next billion users, Google frequently makes apps that are optimized for developing markets around the world. With Files Go, Android device owners can maximise their phone's storage. At the top, you'll see the filled and total storage space of your device.

  • Fernando Stephens