Google Assistant Can Now Identify Songs And Provide Listeners With Track Info

However, the fix is not a permanent one and users might have to replace their devices. Some users are reporting that the Pixel 2 series has a microphone problem, while some others are seeing screen flashes on the Pixel 2 XL. Blowing into the speaker like you would an old NES cartridge. According to a separate post on Reddit, a user reported wear down of the oleophobic coating on his Pixel 2 XL. "I was able to replicate the issue by blowing into the bottom speaker. Yes..." Google Now has enabled users to search for song info since 2015, but it seems as though Google Assistant is on its way to replace it.

"In my case the issue occurs always and not only when the screen is locked and I squeeze to launch the Assistant. Doing this made my microphone work again and it continues to work when it goes out". "Blowing into the speaker when the microphone is working causes it to fail", Zeird wrote. Google is yet to come out with a fix for the issue. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also have the capability to passively listen to music that is playing and identify it on screen, limited to popular tracks. The display starts flashing when locking or unlocking the device and when the phone activates the Always On mode. Due to the number of comments that have been added to the post since then however, including ones from today and this week, it seems evident it is still a current issue. A user said in the Pixel User Community forums that her Pixel 2 XL's screen would flash white when the device was unlocked, when the screen woke up to show notifications, when it locked by itself and when she manually locked it. I've yet to have the phone a full 24 hours.

The main caveat here is that you need to buy the Pixel you want with a device installment plan and keep that for its two-year duration in order to actually benefit from the deal.

  • Fernando Stephens